Brown Trout Fishing Charters

The Brown Trout is normally considered to be a native of Europe (Salmo trutta morpha trutta, Salmo trutta morpha fario, Salmo trutta morpha lacustris). In the fall we will fish migrating Browns coming in from Lake Ontario into rivers or streams to spawn and gorge on King Salmon eggs.

Brown trout were introduced (stocked) in the United States as a sport fish. The first planting in the United States occurred April 11, 1884 into the Baldwin River, one mile east of Baldwin, MI and in New York soon after.

Our average lake run adult Brown Trout weighs 8-9 pounds, but as you know the record in New York is over 33 pounds!

Brown trout- Monster Brown Trout – Giant Brown Trout

Brown trout are active both day and night and are opportunistic feeders. In fresh water, Brown trout will eat invertebrates, corixa, caddis, stonefly, mayfly from the streambed, shrimp, sculpins, other fish, frogs, mice, birds, fish eggs and insects flying near the water's surface. The high dietary reliance upon insect larvae, pupae, nymphs and adults is what allows trout to be a favorite target for fly fishing.

Brown Trout Charters Rochester

We provide guided trips for Brown trout to Sandy Creek, Oak Orchard River, Genesee River , Salmon River, Irondequoit Creek, Oswego River and other tributaries of Lake Ontario. Another “hot” spot is the upper “fly only” section of the Salmon River where I have lost browns that push 20 plus pounds- but that is another story

Brown trout Guides In New York

In September and October each large female releases thousands of eggs each year and the fact that some of the female Brown trout are removed is a SIN. We believe in catch and release though these fish a part of the NY stocking program and few of these eggs will actually survive. The A typical female produces about 900 eggs per pound of body weight at spawning. Just think Brown trout can live for up to 20 years.


Giant Brown Trout exceed 40 pounds.

The brown trout is most usually migrate from lakes into rivers or streams to spawn and this is when and where it get exciting. Brown trout are found where there are submerged rocks, undercut banks, and overhanging vegetation to provide protection from predators, Brown trout like access to deep water for protection in winter freezes, or fast water for protection from low oxygen levels in summer. Brown trout do not like bright sunlight and warmer water temperatures

Lake Ontario Tributary Brown trout fishing

We fish many of the tributaries of Lake Ontario for Brown trout including huge (to 25 lbs) Oak Orchard River Brown trout, Sandy Creek, and many other secret spots for the monsters. Only the southern part of South America hold brown trout this size. I call them “head shakers” for the way they fight. Great or subtle strikes and a BULL DOG way of “shakin” your line. You will never experience the thrill of these Brown Trout unless you call Captain Ken who will put you on to the biggest and best tribs.

Brown trout Guides

We fish from September to December for big brown trout in the streams and rivers off Lake Ontario. You will be impressed with the size and power of these brutes. I will tell you that to land a Brown trout of this size the only other place on earth to match the monster brown trout is in South America.

A similar trip to Patagonia starting at six thousand dollars rarely delivers the numbers of brown trout available in New York. We are committed to bringing you the very best in opportunity .

New York (NY) Brown trout Guide – Ken Strimple

A big Brown trout is a tough hard fighting gamefish. Brown trout fishing guide Ken Strimple has been catching Brown trout since he was 8 years old and has learned all the tricks to find and entice these wary fish. It is not just claiming to be a NY Brown trout Guide but knowing the life cycle and feeding habits for Browns that make a difference between a good day of fishing and a great day of CATCHING fish.

What to bring to on your guided Brown Trout fishing trip

6-8 wt fly rods – Medium wt spinning gear with 10-12lb test