November 22, 2009

My son Nick, and I were checking out potential spots on the Irondequoit creek in Rochester, NY and, with pure luck, we ran into Ken behind a shopping center as he was taking a break for lunch. He recognized that we were from out of town and we were intrigued by the Let's Catch Fish stickers all over his truck. We hit it off right away and made


arrangements for Ken to show us the best spots the next day.

We met early in the morning and started on Lake Ontario. Ken set us up with the right rigs, tackle and bait and it wasn't long before we landed a nice steelhead. After things got a little quiet, he took us to another spot on a tributary that feeds the lake. We had a few bites, but we were too slow and missed them (probably a few browns).

We wrapped up the morning in the last spot which was near the place that we met Ken. This was a tributary creek that fed into the Ironequoit and we spotted a few salmon although we couldn't get them to hit on anything in the morning. Our luck would change later that day when we started applying some the lessons we learned from Ken.


Ken had provided us with a variety of baits and rigs, as well as setting us up with the right equipment. The best thing we learned from him was to keep trying different combinations until something worked to attract the fish. We scored early with one of his salt minnows that we fished with a float on the lake to catch a steelhead. Now we were mixing it up in the tributary creek and things were picking up.



We started to get hits on king salmon when we switched to Ken's egg sacks which we used on the hooks and fluorocarbon leader that we purchased from his store. This proved to be the right combination as we started getting some action that led to us landing about 9 fish between me and my son. Nick caught most of them and I have attached a couple of photos of one that he caught and released in the tributary.


We had a great time with Ken as our guide. He is extremely enthusiastic about encouraging people to fish and he wants to make sure that his guests have a memorable experience. He did a great job of equipping us with the right stuff and showed us a number of places to try, which we did later in the day and the following one. Ken also has a great respect for the well being of the fish and sets a great example for other fisherman. We highly recommend Ken as a guide and we look forward to returning to Rochester in the near future to catch fish with him.


Dave and Nick Cornine